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Virtual Learning

Operation CO-VID(eo) Conferences, Phase Omicron BA.76092*

ALCON - Welcome to the only constant in the military: Change. We have switched yet again to Microsoft Teams as our primary means of telecommunication.


You can join meetings with the assigned link and passcode on the didactics sub-page and calendar. Remote meeting access help.

Cisco webex is our backup.No account creation necessary, but please do not forget to change your guest name before entering the session.

Come the day of meetings found below, press on the link provided to go to the video conference. The links will also be available via the residency calendar. Please mute your audio upon entering.

Please test out your Teams and/or Cisco link prior to the meeting to ensure minimal IT concerns. If anyone has any questions, please e-mail for assistance.

"Does it feel good to stand on my stage with 500-pound tigers and everybody envy you? Absolutely."

-Tiger King

Noon Conference
Noon Conference
* also use this channel for QI/PI, M&M, and Journal Clubs
Microsoft Teams (Primary Remote Option) 

Guests may join on personal devices with this link.

Chrome/Microsoft Edge preferred for web browser.

Via Microsoft Teams, on your computer or mobile app.

Click here for go-by

Backup Access via
Cisco Webex


Conference ID: 60136  

Meeting Passcode: 875947  

Audio Only Dial In: 210-249-4250 


Conference ID: 60242

Meeting Passcode: 965640   

Audio Only Dial In: 210-249-4250

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