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Accessing Essentris, AHLTA, CHCS, from Home

So you forgot to close an AHLTA encounter, have a lab pending for a patient that will keep you up, cannot delineate between home and work, or sheltering from that which is COVID19, well luckily for you, you're in the right place to access your work from home! This page will take you through step by step on how to gain access to Essentris, AHLTA, and CHCS from home. Enjoy.

Note: Not all buttons on the bottom of each section are necessary. Some will hold links to the software necessary but will be accompanied by supplemental reading for the curious.

Below is an adaptation of this Go-By:

What you Need

Materials Needed

  • Personal computer (Mac or PC will work just fine)

  • CAC Card Reader - plethora found on Amazon. This is the recommended CAC Card Reader.

  • When in doubt for setting up your CAC, please visit here (Windows 10) or here (MacOS).

  • Chrome web browser (best one to use)

  • Citrix Application (will take you through how to download it below)


DOwnload Citrix

Citrix is a free program that will allow you to remotely connect to Essentris/AHLTA/CHCS. It is an application that will act as your virtual desktop away from work.

  1. Download it here.

  2. Install, and at the end when it asks you to add an account, press "No".

Teach me more: It is essentially a platform that will be your liaison between your work applications and your computer.


DOD Certificates

Pay attention. This is the part that trips people up. You need certificates to allow you to look at government websites and applications. There are two popular routes you guide you, either through the Military CAC website or the DoD Cyber Exchange. If you can get through this section, you essentially home free. There are two files below that are common to the process.

- Windows: download and install this: Install Root 5.5 (x32) - NonAdmin

- Mac: download these certs and import (by double clicking on each cert): PKCS Bundle

- Detailed manuals found on Military CAC and on DoD Cyber Exchange.



This is adapted from this TAX VDI WebsitePrimarily directed toward MAC and Windows users in the event the certificates are not picked up by your CAC Card. This is evident when you log into a CAC-Enabled website but do not see your certificates. You will most likely need to do this step.

Windows: Download ActiveClient and install or with the button below.

MACs: Proceed if you do not Catalina OS installed. Webpage to check if you do: here. Download CACKey or via the button below.


Accessing AVHE

Note: You will need Receiver Before moving to this step. This is what you will use to access Essentric, CHCH, AHLTA.

  • Access AVHE with THIS LINK. (Note, it will prompt you for your CAC and make sure it's your E-Mail certificate.

  • It will take you to a desktop with applications preset. On top you will find a section labeled "Apps." Press on it.

  • On the upper right you can enter "Bethesda" to look for you favorite application (Essentris, CHCS, AHLTA).

  • Click on the desired app, it will download to the lower left of you page, click on it and Citrix receiver will start. Be patient and let it boot.


Remote mil outlook

​To access work email, go HERE and select THE NON-EMAIL CERT and enter your pin (you do not need Citrix for e-mail access).

Preferred Telehealth Modalities

Below you will find common modalities for the purposes of virtual appointments and telehealth. Much of this is adapted from the DoD Approved Telehealth - WRNMMC. Link Below.

Google Duo

**Recommend to create professional Google Account

Google Voice

**All Google products have a web-based application.

Secure Messaging

Get mapped to the clinic after you register per the POC at AOBH

Bookmark These

Golden Steel Plate

Center for Deployment Psychology

Opportunities to learn about therapy treatment modalities.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Call management.

So none of the above helped...

  • Call Global to see if they are able to help with your IT troubles.

  • Attempt another time but with a much more in-depth guide found adjacent to this text (big pink button with green text). Information is changing all the time with the virtualization process.

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